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Focused on people, talent & growth — growing income and profitability

We are unapologetically focused on growing income and profitability. Running businesses should be fun, but it's more fun when you're winning. We believe that high performance is built on clarity in key people processes and can help with the following.

  • Organisational Design

    We are experts in organisational design: making sure your business structure enables execution of business plans, delivers value to customers and minimises costs. We will review where value is created and what is needed to support these activities. We will also analyse your people costs, planning and forecasting what capacity is required and minimising duplication and inefficiency.

    We can also support you, where appropriate, in restructuring your business.

  • Leadership Assessment and Development

    We will apply our experience and expertise to identify the leadership skills and behaviours necessary to drive high performance by benchmarking senior team performance, by individual and/or collectively. We will work with you to identify and deliver development plans to close any gaps, ensuring your management team is set up to lead with impact. We can also review and enhance your decision making processes to enhance business performance.

  • Leadership Team and Individual Coaching

    We have worked with and as part of executive teams from FTSE100 businesses and public sector organisations to business start-ups and have a wealth of experience in coaching both leadership groups and individual executives. Working with you to set ambitious and stretching objectives our coaching will provide you and your teams with the challenge, support and tools to drive ever higher performance.

  • Talent Management and Development

    We will help you build a clear picture of the skills required to be successful and work with you to understand where you need to develop. We will also help create a plan to acquire the skills you need, whether that's developing the team you have, bringing new talent in or identifying partners or potential outsource providers. We will work with you to ensure you have a winning team.

  • Employee Relations and Driving High Performance

    High performance is the lifeblood of successful business. We will work with you to identify really high-performing teams and help you capture the magic, learn how it happened and replicate across all your teams. As well as making the most of these bright spots, we can also help you address cultures or isolated black spots of under performance, identifying root causes and turning it round.

  • Employee Experience and Driving Engagement

    Increasingly, organisational purpose drives engagement and performance. We will work with you to ensure your purpose is crystal clear, enabling effective resource allocation and decision making. Ensuring your people know what they need to do and how they contribute through a direct line of sight from individual objectives to the overall business purpose. Getting this right drives high levels of discretionary effort, employees who care about what they do give more.

  • People Strategy and HR Transformation

    Supporting you to create a compelling people strategy to unlock high levels of business performance. We can design your HR agenda and equip you to deliver. Equally we can design and continue to support and execute remotely or on a retained basis.

    We also have expertise in assessing and designing HR functions to deliver your people plans, whether this is building your HR function, reviewing the team you have or providing senior expertise or capacity to augment your in-house function.

  • Programme and Project Management

    We are experienced in designing, running and managing people change programmes. We can work with you to identify and agree desired outcomes, governance and monitoring to deliver change from individual projects to complex organisation and business design programmes. Whether this is working with your in-house team or providing external support, we can even supply programme or project teams to run transformations on your behalf.